Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Nick Sansone tesla type-s

this money mustache was an informational article about the futuristic electric car and how tesla has been able to produce a fast, luxurious, user friendly car that is about 20 years ahead of its time. It explained how easy it is to "fill up" at its solar powered recharging stations that are free and open 24 hours a day. even though the price is up there, it is money well spent seeing how you never have to buy gas, it can drive itself, and it is a luxury sports car. it explained how much the car is, where you can recharge the battery, and if it really does drive itself. (it does actually, it uses censors placed all around the car to read a react to your surroundings)  as he states in this article, the tesla puts out a surprising 120,000 watts of recharge power and can completely recharge in about 30 minutes after 350 miles of usage. he explains that even though you have to stop more frequently to "fill up" than in a gas car, it actually makes traveling much more swift. after a few hours you get to get out, stretch, and even take some time to sit down and have a meal or snack while your car is recharging.

this article does a great job of making the sales pitch to me. it tells me just how awesome and futuristic a tesla is. its broken into sections to really let you take in all the information at one time. although, I was really looking forward to hearing more about the self driving and the trip they took which it provided little incite to. Although it did a fantastic job of explaining how the system works and that even more improvement are being made in the self driving car market. This entire article is just a huge sales pitch for tesla and how absolutely awesome it is

seeing as how our country has a serious problem with climate change it would be a perfect solution if we could all switch to electric cars. we would almost stop the release of toxic gasses into our atmosphere, stop the use of gas stations and use solar energy to help charge the car, and you get a nice, high class sports car that is fun and good for the environment


  1. I think it's really cool that we're able to develop this kind of technology and it's cool that Mr. Money Mustache is promoting something so beneficial to the environment. I feel that most would be hesitant to consider an electric car, but an article like this could raise awareness and have a positive influence.

  2. This sustainable technology is really awesome for basically everyone involved, I hope one day all cars use this type of technology, it would be so great for the environment.


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