Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Exploration 5: Fresh by Gabby Biliran

The most important specific issues and ideas in the film Fresh were the concepts of "fresh eating," and the idea that processed is not better. "Fresh eating" meant eating non-processed, locally grown, rightfully raised food.

Processed food was more for convenience. George Naylor said: "Americans only fear one thing: inconvenience." This is true in the sense that more people eat only what is easiest to get. Big industry only wanted to market the system; raising animals a specific way so they could grow faster and grow more, and genetically modifying plants so they were bigger and brighter and appealed to consumers more. According to statistics, 64% of people eat out at least once or twice a week and get fast food.

However, big industry, while supplying America's need for convenience, also affects health and income. Local, homegrown food is better for people. It provides jobs for farmers, better food, and more health benefits. While America fears inconvenience, they also do not take into consideration that homegrown does not take longer and turns out better. "35% of all households in America, or 42 million households, are growing food at home or in a community garden, 17% higher than in the past five years."

After watching this documentary, it's easy to say that while it's a little bit harder, fresher is better. More Americans are becoming more aware of what they eat, and in turn eating better, and supporting locals who farm for a living.

organic farming goes from "farm to plate"

healthy farmed cows graze on grass



  1. It's a shame how the system is set up to where people choose their food based on price and covenience over health and the food's effect on the body. It is encouraging to see that 35% of households are growing their own food.

  2. It also does not help that big corporations still try to prove the value in Industrialization and how "little" it actually affects the environment when half the time they're just talking bull.

  3. I agree that local home-grown food is much better for us, and if it was possible, that's all I would eat! :)

  4. its really astounding how much organic grass fed beefs costs compared to "regular" processed beef. I cook a lot at home and have to buy my own groceries and simply cant afford much organic food because of how much processed foods have been subsidized, making them cheaper.

  5. I agree with you on how locally grown and homegrown foods are better for us and everyone involved. I just wish more people knew the actual benefits of eating organic. I believe if more people were given real information they would not continue to eat processed foods.


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