Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Exploration 5 by Travis Baum

 The movie "Fresh" is a film revolved around farmers and activists who are involved in the re-inventing of the food system. This film shows the good, the bad, and the ugly but leaves you with a sense of hopefulness that things can get better. Some of the most important issues discussed in the film include food contamination, environmental pollution, depletion of natural resources, and morbid obesity.

As the touching film shows, there are a lot of pesticides in our food which are not healthy or beneficial for anyone. Farmers have gone organic in order to fix this issue. However, people think farming organically is expensive but in order to stay healthy it is needed. “Cheap food is an illusion; you always end up paying for it whether it be your health or the land you farm”. This quote means that you either pay for a healthier life style or pay to be unhealthy. The USDA requires organic farmers and food handlers to meet a uniform organic standard.  What really makes me believe that America is on the right track to correct these problems is Diana Edicott. Diana Edicott is the founder of The Good Nature Family Farms which is an all natural alliance of 75 combined farms selling organic products to stores. This is important because most of America is not too educated on what they are actually eating. Will Allen said "We as citizens don't pay attention as how we get our food. just as long as we do" Will is trying to say that we are not looking into what is going on behind the scenes of industrial food system. Good Nature Family Farmers can allow us Americans to not study the ins and outs of how our food's upbringing.


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  1. Instead of going down a somewhat roundabout road, we went through some bushes to get to our destination and picked up some thorns in our feet and hands.

  2. The pesticides don't only affect the benefits of the crops but the environment as they seep into our rivers and pollute natural ecosystems.

  3. Pay to be unhealthy. I like that phrase. It may seem Americans are unaware of what they're consuming and what they want is cheap food, which is mostly processed and unhealthy. If organic became more popular than conventional, prices would eventually drop, making it more affordable. We can always refer to "Americans fear inconvenience."

  4. The quote about cheap food is a great insight about what Americans truly value, convenience over substance.


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