Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Review Writing Assignment from Austin Craig

"1400 Miles of Non-Driving in a Tesla" is Mister Money Mustache giving a story of his love-hate relationship with cars. He loves the experience of driving a car, but does not like what the cars do for the environment, including humans in the environment. Changing the subject again, he continues to tell readers about the projected future and the automaton for a car.

What I get from the article is contradiction. Money Mustache first spoke of the harmful effects of cars in the world, but goes on to praise the Tesla for its efficiency, lack of engine noise due to not having an engine, no gas tank, and it is very spacious. It is an electric brand of vehicles, but it still has effects on the roads. Also, how long will it be until we lose the ability to mass produce energy for an increasing number of recharge stations? How are we creating this energy? That factor is not explained in the article. Is our future destined to be driven by our electric cars anywhere we go? The autopilot feature of the Tesla brand is another method to making Americans the stereotype from which we wish to deviate. Americans do not want to be seen as obese and lazy, which is another contradiction to the author's desire to ride a bicycle around the small town in which he lives.

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  1. I think that his contradiction gives testament to how finance can have immediate pros but in the long run how does a financial decision effect us?


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