Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Mr. Money Mustache - High Cost of Living- It's a state of mind from Desiree

In this article, Mr. Money Mustache talks about how affordable it can be living in an higher cost area (Hawaii). He went on vacation to Hawaii and only spent $37 because of his money saving tips. One piece of advice he gave was to "Consume less of what is expensive, and replace it with what is cheap and plentiful locally."  Heat, air conditioning, and other utilities might be a thing of the past. He says that in Hawaii, you are always outdoors, even if you are indoors. The windows were always open, and it was a comfortable temperature for him. He eliminated the use for heat and air conditioning which is huge in Hawaii because electricity can be about three times more expensive there compared to the mainland. He also talked about how expensive groceries can be and how you can save. For example, Costco sets its price the same no matter where the store is, so people in Hawaii and Ohio are paying the same price for the same product. Mr. Money Mustache also says that biking is also a great way to save on transportation. Sometimes living simple is better than living high class.

This was a helpful article because it shows readers how you can live in a high cost area without paying the price. It also shows the readers how to save money on things that are not really needed such as heat, air conditioning, transportation, and groceries. He also talks about using the land and local areas to our advantage because people could use those areas for farming to save on groceries and other products. He gives the reader the idea of the value of a dollar. One day I want to be able to live in LA where things can get really expensive, so this article was very helpful to me because I will know how to save money in a high cost area. 


  1. LOVE the quote, "Consume less of what is expensive, and replace it with what is cheap and plentiful locally."
    It's a very logical piece of advice and something that everyone should strive for.

  2. Some places are better set up for eco friendly cost saving measures and public transportation as it is not readily as available in smaller cities,towns and rural areas.

  3. ^^^^^ she pretty much hit the nail on the head. just think about Lewis Center. its a lot easier to do something like this in our area than maybe a place like Powell seeing as how everything in that area is overpriced due to income, and we live in Ohio. one day it will be 80 and the next it will be 30 so you will constantly be turning the thermostat up and down


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