Monday, November 14, 2016

MMM: An interview with mother earth on climate change by Josh Salyers

In this article, Mr. Money Moustache has an 'interview' with Mother Nature. In this interview, Moustache asks the questions about climate change and its effect, origins, and outcome on Earth's climate. Moustache brings up and asks the most asked questions in today's society concerning climate change to Mother Earth, and Mother Earth responds to these questions and claims.

This blog post is geniusly created, because Money Moustache is both asking the questions and answering them. He plays the role as the interviewer, where he asks climate change questions, concepts, and public conceptions, and then in turn responds to them in a way that would both make the common reader understand and also care about the topic. He starts by asking about the effects of carbon dioxide, both analyzing it's role in climate change and presenting misconceptions about it. He then provides examples of how the earth is changing very very quickly and unnaturally. After he presents examples of extreme weather, he explains the possible effects of climate change to different parts of the world, and how it would wipe out cities and displace millions. He makes the reader care about climate change, then he shows the reader that there is solutions we as a society can pursue. He says that "Our Environment is our Economy", and that Earth provides for our bountiful way of life.

Mr. Money Moustache's strength of this blog posting lies in its format. He presents clear questions, with clear and easy to understand answers. He makes the reader understand that climate change is real, why it is happening, and how it effects society, both short and long term. With its simple explanations and question-answer format, this blog is both easy to understand and enjoyable to read   


  1. I like what he said about "Our Environment is our Economy" and that the Earth provides for our bountiful way of life. This is so true when you think about it, the environment is very important for us to live our lives the way we want.

  2. We pride ourselves on all of our gadgets, but nature is the foundation for it all. If we take away nature, everything else will soon follow. It's kind of like "Fresh."

  3. It's a shame that alternatives that are environmentally friendly tend to be more difficult and expensive to pursue. Plus there's the whole "Global Warming isn't a thing (Shown proof that it actually exists) I uh...uh...don't believe in." mentality that we've somehow developed.

  4. The environment is such an important factor of life and so many people have taken it for granted. In the end, the damage that has been done will force us to pay the consequences.


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