Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Review Writing Exercise: Amanda Gifford

In the article “It’s Winter…Get out and Enjoy it!”, Mr. Money Mustache describes as the season changes how peoples’ outdoor habits change as well. As It changes from a pleasant fall to a colder bone chilling winter people tend to stick to warmer past times and modes of transportation.  Most people trade their outside activities for a cozy spot on the couch to binge watch tv and keep warm. Mr. Money Mustache looks at the colder weather as a more challenging but rewarding adventure. The feeling of being active and productive while enjoying the season changes.
 A weakness of the article is when he talks about his wife driving to the grocery store that is 1.5 miles away. Typically people run out to get a few items most of the time a few more items are picked up as well. As with snow black ice and ice in general can be a hazard to the common pedestrian. So, walking on a potentially ice covered sidewalk trying to juggle an armful of groceries in the cold for nearly 2 miles is unrealistic. That expedition would end with broken eggs and split milk with a possibly sprained ankle. Alongside the weakness is a strength as he describes staying active is beneficial. “The real benefit is just the fact that you are outside, walking, moving, and working on things as you are meant to be doing. And as it turns out, all of these things are possible in any weather, and they are even more rewarding in adverse conditions.” That keeping active and productive is as important as keeping warm and adapting to the drastic changes that comes with winter.

This article made me realize the importance of staying active outdoors through the colder seasons. Most people stick to conveniences and are too glued to their screens to get through the colder months. Also by keeping active helps reduce life’s stressors and feels like a renewal to the mind and body. This changed my perspective of looking at the winter season as being stuck indoors but to explore nature and the endless wonders it offers.  


  1. personally, I enjoy winter so much more than any other season because its a great excuse to get out and appreciate the beauty of mother nature! also I get to play pond hockey (that's the real reason)

  2. I personally agree with the mentality of making the most out of every season, and especially winter. I think that people just don't know how to enjoy it.

  3. Just think about all those people saying "Gotta work on my summer bod." That wouldn't be an issue if they had been active all winter and no complaining about being out of shape would take place. Gyms are open year-round and sledding and snowball fights can take a lot of energy.


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