Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Mr.Money Mustache Lesson Learned From Having My Bike Stolen From Naomi

In this article the purpose that Mr.Money Mustache is trying to make is to be aware of your surroundings. He goes on talking about how some people can be too obsessive with security. Mr. Money talk about a man who has a bundle of keys for all of his personal items. He’s afraid that someone may steal this precious items which is why he keeps a lock on everything he owns. Mr.Money describes the man as, “overly fearful in other ways,” which I though was kind of funny. If this man is on vacation he would spend most of his time locking and unlocking boats, barbecues and sporting equipment

Mr.Money doesn't just talk about the obsessive man he also talks about another man who doesn’t put locks on anything. This man lives a life of theft free. This man never locked his house when he’s home and he keeps his car open along with his bike casually spends the nigh outside. He keeps his personal things unlock because he feels that is a safe environment. One quote that I thought was a strength was what the man with no keys said. He goes on saying, I savor this safe environment and use it to live a freer life. After all, higher levels of trust between people leads directly to higher wealth. One thing that I though was weak was the passion from the “man with no keys.” This man doesn’t use keys, anyone can easily walk off with his possessions. Mr.Money also talked to another man about actually getting his bike stolen. When his bike got stolen he didn’t know how to react. “it is always a shocking, violating feeling when you realize somebody unknown has stolen something from you,” he says. How could someone be so bold, walking to the property of someone and then just take something that’s not there’s?

I love to lock my doors at home because I’m personally afraid of getting robed. I’m from Cincinnati so we have to lock our doors, I mean the neighborhood I lived in wasn’t dangerous but you can never be too safe. I’m not obsessive with locking everything nor obsessive with not locking anything at all. This article didn’t impact me because I have no experience with getting robed nor do I want to experience it.(knock on wood)


  1. the way you used personal experience for support from this article is a scary truth in this country in our times

  2. I think it's interesting that he states that a feeling of safety promotes wealth, when it is common to think that wealth increases a sense of safety. It makes you wonder which is a product of the other.

  3. Even though i live out in the country where robbery is less of a threat, I still feel that comfort knowing my doors are locked at night. It's always a precaution I take.


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