Monday, November 14, 2016

Mr. Money Mustache Review By Joe Campanella

     The article "Three Investments with an Instant Guaranteed Return" gives valuable insight into a few life tips that will improve your life financially, helping you to live a more comfortable lifestyle. Mr. Money Mustache is a man who retired at 30 years old, who gives financial advice for common people to succeed in their finances. He claims that his blog focuses not only on financial tips, but life improvement as well. The article focuses on three main keys to success: Focus, Festivity, and Flow. Focus helps you concentrate on the little things in life that are worth appreciating. Festivity is the importance of gathering with friends and family, to celebrate the wonderful things life has to offer. Music is very important to festivity as well, because of the emotional connections,that certain songs bring to you. Flow deals with procrastination and time management. The author, Mr. Money Mustache uses the example of cellular devices, and their distraction to our already busy lives, getting in the way of the important things that need to be done. Mr. Money Mustache demonstrates the upmost importance in time management, and it's impact in peoples daily lives'.
     Mr. Money Mustache's "Three Investments with an Instant Guaranteed Return" is a valuable article on financial success, with clear points of evidence and support to back his claim. The article is an easy read, with a strong thesis to give to the audience. Where I though the article was best, was in his ability to draw attention to his readers. He does a very good job at connecting personal experience with his teachings and advice to the audience. The one thing I would change in this article, would be a clearer emphasis, on the theme of the article in the introduction. This would eliminate readers, from asking where the article was moving towards. The article is a very good example of a informal blog, giving life improvement and financial advice to the common public.
     "Three Investment with an Instant Guaranteed Return" is important to anyone needing financial advice, on how to make millions of dollars. Eating healthy, full meals, getting plenty of sleep, being active, and treating yourself are all important ingredients to success. They are just as important as working hard and staying focused, to succeed in your career and in your life. This article gives it's audience clear factual information and key points to help you on your journey, to becoming a millionaire. Overall, Mr. Money Mustache establishes credibility to his readers, conveying valuable insight into financial success, and doing it in an enjoyable way.


  1. I like how the title of the article made it seem as if he was going to give you concrete, easy money investments but instead spoke about investments within yourself that you must make to succeed.

  2. when you invest in yourself and not just in material things, that can increase your time, drive, motivation, all of which are needed to be productive and to make money.


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