Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Exploration 5: Amanda Gifford

In the beginning of the film, Fresh, George Naylor gives a quote from his Pakistani roommate, “Americans fear one thing inconvenience”. Considering this statement many do not take time to reflect on the abuse the animals suffer and the chemicals spread on the crops to reach this convenience. The industrialized farmers sign contracts with their providers and with loans, buying and selling back are stuck within the system. It takes years of this process to pay for the half million dollar buildings consisted to house them. With the animals being packed into buildings with almost 30,000 to one, the living conditions are poor. The animals are being mutilated and given antibiotics and hormones to increases their growth. Also, the famers idea of recycling the carcasses of other animals to herbivores creates grounds for antibiotic resistant diseases not safe for the animal or consumer. Russ Kremer is a former industrialized hog farmer whose perspective changed after contracting an infection from a tusk wound. Within the disease threatening his life, he changed his operation towards tradition ways.  His method of allowing the hogs to roam free and not exposing them to many antibiotic treatments allows for healthier livestock. Russ states, “I am a farmer that does more than advocates or protests. I am doing something to show the better way. Sustainability is an economic and social model of hope”.  With famers realizing that organic methods are achievable and cost effective we can only hope many more make the changes required to improve the environment and community.

Industrialized hog farm building. 


  1. It is so sad how the animals are treated when they are raised in the factories. They are abused and not well taken care of.

  2. I agree with your ideas on factory farming. These horrible things that are coming out of these farms are real and we are choosing to consume that as a country almost everyday. It is harmful to us and the helpless animals.

  3. I have heard with chickens, the growth hormones that they give them can cause issues with their bones, probably not being able to support the weight that they gained so fast.


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