Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Exploration Five by Grant Davison

     I felt that an important issue that I noticed was the facts about the Good Natured family Farms. The issue I saw was that they talked about how bigger stores like walmart and target are taking small family stores out of business. This is an issue as the big name stores sell more of the processed foods. The great thing about good nature family farms is they sell good food made from organic farmers. It might be more expensive than walmart and the deals people get there, but they pay for less nutrition. Good natured family farms is a connected community of 75 farms. They plan to spread and have more supermarkets but it is hard when big name stores come in nearby but it takes away business. One thing that George Naylor said was that "Americans fear inconveniences".
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Good Natured Family Farms logo
     Good natured family farms consists of a community that lives by the statement "Buy fresh buy local" and i think that shows there dedications to selling fresh food. They know that the prices are higher than walmart but they want to help bring the price down if more people are selling fresh food.



  1. I worked for a local pharmacy and they had this same issue because Walmart had there own pharmacy so a lot of people transferred to Walmart. This relates because a lot of people go to Walmart because it is cheaper and convenient, when in reality it is hurting the local markets and stores.

  2. It would be amazing if a organization like Good Nature Family Farms could spread across the entire country and could be found in every major city throughout the states.

  3. I love the connection Good Natured Family Farms has with their produce and animals. It shows that they really are putting genuine effort and care into what they are doing.

  4. I think Good Natured Family Farms could be a big movement as other organic farms become aware of what Diana edicott is doing. It just takes that one big chain store like Kroger to start.


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