Monday, August 29, 2016

Exploration Two: Gabby Biliran

     Hi! My name is Gabrielle Biliran, but I haven’t had anyone call me Gabrielle in the last 10 years, unless I was in serious trouble. Normally, the names that people use are "gib," "gab," or "gub." I was originally born in the Philippines and I moved when here when I was five because of OSU. I actually almost moved to Great Britain, because a hospital there had also offered my mom a job. (I personally wanted this one to happen because I could've had a cool British accent, but Ohio is pretty cool too.) I graduated from Bishop Ready High School in Columbus this past May. I love all things Buckeye, Columbus Blue Jackets, and Ed Sheeran. My favorite thing to do is travel the world. So far, I've been to 17 states and 7 countries. I also love reading, painting, and photography. My current plan is to study Psychology on a criminology track at OSUM until I can transfer to Main campus and won't have to commute an hour every day. I can't wait to see what happens in the rest of this year!

My two best friends and sister at my 18th birthday.
one studies at American U and one is at Ohio U.

    In the call to write, the theme that I found the most interesting was the idea that writing and reading are the most important things you do in life. People don't consider the fact that the little things, such as looking at street signs, or reading your computer, or even the receipt at the end of your meal. However, it's the writing that cause inspiration in people (a literacy event) that I found the most important. It can change the way that people thought's form or how they act with others.

Exploration Two: Amanda Gifford

My name is Amanda Gifford and I graduated from Harding High school. During high school, I was involved in the Art club and painted many murals within the school and one at the Health Center downtown. I also was awarded Art Student of the year, Spring of 2016. Outside of the cement walls, I have done many independent art projects. One of my favorite artists is Andy Warhol, I find his style unique and his viewpoint of life interesting. What I want to pursue is Art Therapy to help others through self exploration use creativity in their healing journeys.

What stood out to me while reading The Call to Write was the quote of Sidney Mintz regarding making lists, " must be connected to thinking of time as finite and limited, and we live in a society that gets its power partly from telling us that everything is scarce--even time."   The power of making lists highlights the important aspects of thoughts in our own type of personalized tasks.  List making is a specialized form of communication to organize thoughts in a sequential process to complete or communicate with others.  Lists can be utilized for short term tasks or long term goals.  Our thoughts can turn into lists and those lists can direct activity to accomplish unlimited achievements.


Exploration #2- Hunter Bayer

Hi, my name is Hunter Bayer. This is second class I have with Mike, so if you need to know what this class is like, I am willing to help out. I'm not the most exciting person, and I am a rather simple guy, but I guess one interesting thing about me is that I enjoy drawing and through my love for drawing, I have developed a strong photographic memory, allowing me to remember details or designs that I could implement on my drawings. I mostly draw with a realistic/cartoonist style.

An image of myself on my last day of high school.
The first chapter in The Call to Write was about the use of writing and how people use it personally every day. I found it interesting how they used list as an example. I never thought about how my to-do-list would be considered any real form of writing. It's quite strange to think about how much writing people do everyday, even if it's as simple as something like signing a check. That is definitely one of the themes I got from the chapter after reading it.

Exploration 2 by Joe Campanella

     My name is Joe Campanella. I am a first year student here at the Ohio State University at Marion. I am from the Cleveland-Akron area about two hours north of Marion. My preferred major of study is Finance, and I plan to transfer to the Columbus campus next fall. One of my favorite hobbies is to play basketball and hang out with friends. An interesting fact about me is that I love Chipotle and usually go a few times a week.

     Chapter one of, The Call To Write, talks about literacy events and their impact in the world with how they make sense out of writing. What stood out for me in the chapter, was the benefit and logic of making lists for personal use. One of the primary tasks and functions of making lists, is to manage time correctly, and successfully plan for the day. Another benefit of making lists, is to free you from having to commit information to memory. Some examples of lists can be remembering homework, getting chores done, planning events, and grocery shopping. Making lists is a key literary event at a personal level to manage time effectively and to store information.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Exploration Two from Dathan

     There is a section of farm land that people sometimes drive through with golden fields and one to two houses as far as the eye can see. The name of this strange land is Edison. As you can guess, that is where I from. You will hopefully be able to see from the above that my name is Dathan Lyon, but i also respond to Jason, Ethan, Justin, Nathan, and a few other choice words that should not be spoken of here. I am short, a fairly quiet, twenty-one year old person who has almost no idea what to write about, but that has never stopped me before. I would say that currently Gattaca, Sevendust, and Bioshock are my favorite movie, band and video game in that order. My goal is to become either an English teacher or a journalist.

     As far as a central theme for the first seventeen pages of our book you could make an argument for almost anything inside the reading, or maybe even outside if you really want to reach. One thing that I thought of that normally doesn't come to mind is the fact that we surrounded by messages. While I don't often think about that fact, I can't think of too many realistic setting or situations where there would be no messages. All writing is someones opinion I have heard. People who are trying to persuade you about something. You could say that all of this clashing of ideas is a bad thing, and in some cases it is, but at least we are thinking.

Groomsman at a friend's wedding on 8/20/16.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Exlporation Two: Introductions, From John Link

                  My name is John Link. I'm originally from a small town called Warren, Ohio. I moved to Columbus in 2009 and graduated high school from Olentangy Orange. I enjoy being outside and try to do a variety of activities such as rock climbing, hiking, and swimming. I also enjoy quite a few indoor activities such as board games, card games, and playing music. I played snare drum in my high schools marching band as well as drum set for the show choir combo band.
             The Call to Write has interesting theme to it which I hadn't previously considered when reading and writing. Of course I had been impacted by pieces I read and wrote and accepted them as piece of who I am, but have never fully grasped the scope that literary pieces affect the world we live in. Something so simple as a shopping list can exhibit the most basic principals of writing, the topic without any kind of description or explanation, This can also be seen in simple things such as street signs or even the "memes" that circulate around the internet. The call to write begins to define what it means to write and read in the world around us, not just in class but in our everyday lives.

Exploration Two: Pauleina

Hi, I am Pauleina May and I am from a little town called Upper Sandusky, Ohio and no I do not live near Cedar Point. I am 20 years old and this is my first year here at OSU, I transferred from Mount Vernon Nazarene University and I should be a junior but with transferring I am now a sophomore. I study Social Work and hope to work with healthcare. Some fun facts about me are I work for Jeffery Jewelry Store, I enjoy art, Nicholas Sparks is my favorite author of any book and movie, and I was born and raised on a cattle farm.

One of the themes that stood out to me in this chapter was the section it spoke about making list. For me, making list is my go to for everything. I make lists for when I go to the grocery store, what homework I need to do, or just even a list for the whole day. It says in the chapter that making a list is very powerful, it is a friendly reminder for when we get busy and forget what we have to do, it helps with keeping organized when it gets crazy. I feel overall from what I read was very informational and I learned more on how to write better.

Exploration Two by Matthew Johnson 


My name is Matthew, I am 19 and a Sophomore.
A fact about me is that I absolutely adore music and often record on an armature level with friends and by myself. I play drums primarily as well as guitar, bass, and trumpet. The type of music I typically play and listen to is jazz, although I am open to any well-produced music.

Within "The Call to Write" I found page 4 to be interesting. In the section under "Making Lists" it has a quote by anthropologist Sidney Mintz saying: "Making lists must be connected to thinking of time as finite and limited...". And in the next paragraph The Call to Write talks about how Plato was concerned that, with the widespread use of writing, people's capacity to store things to memory would diminish. Mintz and Plato see the aspects of writing that inhibit us through our day to day lives and even effect us in the long term as a society. These paragraphs have made me think about writing in a different way than for it to just be a form of communication or as a tool;  literacy has become the root of our society and it defines us. The choice is ours to allow the literacy around to effect us poorly or to change us for the better.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Exploration Two from Naomi

Hey there my names Naomi but most of my friends just call me Omi. I come from Cincinnati Ohio the worst place to live since its so small to me. Maybe its because I never been out of Ohio. Don't get me wrong I love my hometown, I just don't like the fact that I pretty much know everyone  that lives in Cincinnati. One fun fact about me is that I love anime. Anime is classified as Japanese Cartoons. I spend most of my days watching anime, if I don't have any homework. OTAKU FOR LIFE!!!
I went to warped tour for the first time this year

So far my opinion to "The Call To Write," is without a doubt a good start if you want to become a writer. I'm an amateur when it comes to writing, which is why this book is right for the picking. One main theme I picked up just from reading the title is that writing is in everyday life. We all write in a way. As for me I try to write almost everyday, but as of now I haven't been writing as much as I use too. Been having writers block, but I am also working on that. My goal for this book is to become a better writer, I want to be able to write without writers block. I love to write which is why I this book is the perfect, if you want to better your writing.

exploration two by viktor ball

Hello, my name is Viktor Ball. I am a 19 year old mechanical engineering student from Marysville, Ohio. I am currently living at the Annex here in Marion. In my free time, I enjoy literary pursuits and urban exploration. I can speak Japanese and Russian.

In reading The Call to Write, I noticed a central theme of learning to identify and appreciate the value of all writing, especially texts in which one can gain something from a literary event. A literary event being any section of writing through upon reading, the reader acquires a thought, inspiration, or any intangible (or tangible) gain that can shape their interactions with others. The Call to Write is written in an informal style, in which the author breaks down various written passages in order to teach the reader a deeper understanding of the writing, from the person behind it to the emotions conveyed and more.

Exploration Two from Austin Craig

I'm Austin Craig, I recently turned nineteen on August 12th, and I've lived in Marion all my life. Even though I have been stuck living here, I've traveled to California once, Florida five times, and Washington D.C. once. Car and bus trips: seven. Plane trips: zero. Two trips to Florida were with my high school marching band in which I participated for four years. Both times the band traveled, we won a grand champion award in a competition, which allowed us to preform pregame at the Outback bowl. At the end of my Senior year, I was awarded the John Phillip Sousa award; I'm most proud of that because it is the highest award my former high school has to offer in music. Graduation was three months ago, but I'm still involved in the music department as both a performer and instructor. After achieving a degree in nursing, I wish to pursue a degree in music.

In the first chapter of The Call to Write, the difference between the two essays stood out the most. The first was the formal research paper and the second was the opposite, an informal response. The research is of course by the books and has a solid structure (i.e. MLA format, uniform tense, third person, details, details, details). It's every student's nightmare. The response comes to a more personal level. Not only is it in first person, the student is comparing the details to his life (comparison of religious celebrations) and using "I" statements, which is more empowering to a writer. The writing was at its best when the writings were presented and compared.

Exploration Two By Regan Ross

Hi! My name is Regan and I am a freshman here at OSUM. I am from Powell Ohio, but I am living at the Annex currently. I love animals, ceramics, and nature. I enjoy road trips in the summer, and snowboarding in the winter. I am a business major for now, but I have no idea what I want to do.

I thought the reading was actually pretty interesting. The reading made me realize how important reading and writing is throughout our daily lives. Writing connects us in many ways and for different reasons; we write notes, emails and text messages to communicate everyday. Without literature, we wouldn't be nearly as knowledgeable as we are in this day in age. One theme that I noticed was in the comparative of the high school essay verses the college essay. I realized that as we grow older, our reading and writing evolves into more complex, important, and interesting pieces. Sometimes we think about reading and writing as such basic things, but in reality they are very essential and important.

Exploration Two, from Paige Riebel

Hi, everyone!

My name is Paige Riebel. I am currently a freshman here at OSUM and graduated high school from a small, private school in Delaware, Ohio. I am the oldest of six children and also have a slew of half and step siblings as well. Originally, my plan was to go into speech and hearing science and later go to attain my masters in speech pathology, but life threw a curve ball at me a few weeks ago. Now, I am planning on going into psychology to later go on to get my masters in counseling. I am not sure specifically what type of counseling I want to endeavor into, but I am learning towards family, women, or children intervention. This summer I vacationed to Wyoming and Montana where I visited the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park. Last summer, I was part of a missions' group that ventured to Costa Rica. My dream is to finish school with a masters in psychology and move to Colorado among the mountains. I am an avid lover of succulent plants and all things pumpkin and I am so looking forward to all this year has in store.

The main theme I enjoyed most in The Call To Write was that the author of the text was very adamant in letting the reader know that he finds writing extremely mandatory for life's success, but also that writing can be more relaxed and casual and still be just as important. He stated the fact that we are in need of writing for many aspects of our social and professional lives and beyond. I think the author has a nice use of verbiage and the text is applicable and also smooth to read.

Exploration Two: Electric Boogaloo from Matthew George

     Good day and salutations to who ever chooses to read this specific blog post (in other words: the one or two of you), My name is Matthew George-and before you ask: no, I am not the Australian Director Matthew George, I am a completely separate entity from that one. Currently I am majoring in the field of occupational therapy. As a English Class I am sure we are full of stereotype characters, if you were wondering as to what stereotype I fall into (which of course I am sure you were definitely NOT thinking about what stereotypes we are) I am the token 'person with a disease' trope. More specifically Hemophilia Severe Type A, my blood doesn't clot which will do one of two things to me: 1) Should I receive a substantial sized cut (Paper cuts are too small) I will bleed indefinitely unless under the effects of a recombinate drug. 2) I can obtain bruises by the magic of doing absolutely nothing at all. This also means I can't juggle chainsaws but hey I think that's probably a good thing. Now then, away with the introductions and onto the main course of this two star meal!

Image of M.G. taken by M.G...wait, if both of my hands are in the picture then how did I take this picture?!

     In the early parts of the first chapter of  The Call to Write they discuss the idea of literacy events. For those who don't know-although we all read about it-a literacy event is the use of literature in our daily lives from the most basic tasks of sending text messages and writing grocery lists to the more delicate tasks of declarations of judgement via court, declarations of peace and war, and everything in between. This idea of the literacy event stood out to me since in the years leading up to this semester I have never heard of this idea before. In prior English classes the idea of a piece of literature was limited to what was specifically deemed a piece of literature whether it be an essay, short story, poem, or novel. To expand the very definition of what determines literature is to some degrees an enlightening experience. To see that literature is not limited to the professional writer, but to the every-man who goes about their day using the written language in some fashion or another is truly amazing.  

Exploration two from Kirsten

I'm Kirsten Osborn, I am eighteen years old (my birthday was on Monday, the 22nd) and I am from Kenton, which is around 35 minutes away from Marion. I graduated from Kenton high school and I graduated with high distinction. I plan to eventually major in fashion and design even though I am currently  majoring in business. I returned from a trip to Italy last Wednesday, I was in Italy for two weeks. I visited Venice, Rome, Capri and Ravello. And I love cats, I have four of them.

The Call to Write has been a decent book so far, I have enjoyed the style of writing in which the book is written, and the topics it is one of the most ordinary things, but it frees us from memorizing and remembering all of our important tasks that we wrote down. The book even talked about a Greek philosopher who feared people's memories would diminish with the widespread use of writing. I found this to be an interesting thought, one I had not had before. But it is a somewhat accurate concern. More and more things are now written down, as less is remembered. The same process is happening with electronics. More and more things are posted and saved, as less is committed to memory. This book has been interesting so far, and I am curious to see what the rest will be like.
ks about. the part of this chapter that stood out to me the most was the part that talked about making lists. I make lists all the time, mostly so that I don't forget to do important tasks. I make lists for when I pack for trips, when I have many tasks that need accomplished, and for many other miscellaneous reasons.  Just as the book says, making lists

Me, my mom, my aunt, and my uncle at a restaurant in Rome, Italy.

Exploration Two from JD Davis

Hello, my name is Jeremiah Dean Davis but I usually just go by JD.  I’m from Oregon Ohio which is a suburb of Toledo.  I played 3 varsity sports in high school, basketball, golf and tennis.  My favorite to play is basketball because of the team aspect and the competitive nature of the sport.  I enjoy watching all kinds of sports but my favorite is football.  It has been a dream of mine for a long time to attend The Ohio State University and I’m so excited to finally be here.  
I started reading the Call to Write on Tuesday after class and finished the first 17 pages.  Those pages mainly talked about where you use writing in day to day life.  The main message I received from the begging of this chapter was how writing can be so different in different environments.   For example the informality of an email between friends is compared to how formal a work email is.  It something we don’t notice but we write so different according to our audience.  For school we may be trying to just make it look good for a professor.  For work you might be over formal but have a little persuasion to the writing.  Finally, for social it’s probably more informal but more honest.  
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I'm the one on the right.

Exploration Two from Grant Davison

     My name is Grant Davison. I am a freshman here at OSU Marion. As a fun fact i like to play soccer. I have played soccer since I was 4. I went to Olentangy Liberty High School. I enjoy going to the race track and seeing my dad and uncle race up at Mid-Ohio Raceway. I live in the Annex of Marion up here next to campus instead of commuting.
Moving into the Annex

     In The Call To Write, I thought that the idea of making lists in writing stood out to me. I felt it worked well with the reading on the trail journal. As simple as it may be it is a great way to get thoughts and ideas done on a page where everyone can see and understand. This helps connect the writer or speaker to the audience in a way that is easy for all. I also felt that the writing on logs was good because logs are a great way to stay organized and thoughts are organized.

Exploration two from Desiree Dulay

Hi, I'm Desiree and I like to spend time with my friends and family. I work at Skyzone and I'll be working at Dick's Sporting Goods soon. I went to Olentangy high school in Lewis Center, Ohio, and I like to watch football and basketball. I also enjoy playing basketball and traveling. My favorite show to watch is Friends and the Office. One of my favorite places to travel is Las Vegas and Los Angeles. I like the atmosphere in Las Vegas, and I like the mountains, valleys, and beautiful beaches of Los Angeles.

A theme or idea that stood out to me in the first chapter was how reading and writing can have an effect on our lives. The first section talked about how reading and writing change in different social contexts. For example, we may have a different  perception about graffiti  in different areas. Some may think that it is bad not only because it is illegal, but because graffiti is usually associated with crime and gangs. However some may say that graffiti helps them remember a loved one who has died.

Exploration Two- Tia Domer

     My name is Tiana Domer, but everyone just calls me Tia. I am from Canton, which is about two hours north of Marion. I am majoring in mechanical engineering. I am living down here for the year instead of commuting. I have two younger siblings. My favorite colors are green and pink. My favorite animal is the giraffe. I work at Chipotle. I play the saxophone and the piano. During my sophomore year of high school I got to travel to China with the band for a week.

     In The Call To Write, an overall idea that stood out to me in this chapter was the idea of writing in everyday life. That writing isn't always the papers you write for school or emails you send. That the notes you write to yourself or the little reminders you put on sticky notes to do something can also be considered writing. The form or style in which one writes also has a message behind it. Whether it be in a journal or it be graffiti on the side of a building, there is a message that can be gained from every form of writing.

Exploartion Two from Corey Peck

Hello, my name is Corey Peck. I went to Olentangy Liberty High School. I played hockey all 4 years while in high school. I have a sister who graduated from Miami in Oxford, Ohio. I enjoy traveling and by the end of the year at OSU Marion I hope to transfer to main campus in Columbus. My major is biology and I hope to get into dental school.

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This is me after cropping a photo.

A major idea that stood out to me while reading the first 17 pages of The Call to Write was the idea of making lists. I felt that this was the most applicable to me because I write lists everyday. I write down homework assignments after class everyday and it's a good way to keep my thoughts organized. Not only did making lists stand out to me but so did writing the the public sphere. I drive to Marion from Powell 4 times a week and see new billboards and signs every time. Signs for simple advertising such as promoting products, foods, stores, sales etc... I see literacy events as ways to communicate and spread ideas to the social world.

Exploration Two from Josh Salyers

  1. Hello! I am Josh and I'm a sophomore at OSUM. I attended high school at St. Charles Preparatory School in Columbus. I enjoy all sports, both playing and watching. I was an all state ultimate frisbee player in high school, as well as a soccer and basketball player all throughout my life. I am a buckeye sports lover, hardcore, and will be at every OSU home football game this year. I also love traveling, been to more than half of the united states, as well as Italy. I love language, and have studied Latin and French each for two years. I plan to major in business, though that may change into either international business or criminal justice/ criminology. I am excited for this year. 
  2. I found the reading in The Call To Write interesting, because it reminded me of the appearances and the importance of writing that people see and encounter in everday life. This could range from the grocery list you made this morning, to the report you had to finish up at work (specialization writing), and the graffiti you saw walking down the street on the side of a building. I found the FEMA emails interesting, as it shows your words are permanent when written and things aren't as private as you think. I thought the writing was at its best was when the author talked about public writing, signs, and street art/writing/graffiti. I found this the most interesting because it shows the direct use of writing to show a message, whether it be social, political, or aimed to the few individuals who see them. 

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The one on the right. I am 6'4"

Exploration Two from Phillip Wolf

Hello, my name is Phillip Wolf. I am a freshman and I am from Powell. I attended Olentangy Liberty High school. My favorite sport is soccer even though I have not played competitively since 5th grade, and I also enjoy football and hockey. A fun fact about me would be that I haven't ever spend Christmas in Ohio. My family has traveled to Florida for the holidays almost every year of my life, but I have also spent Christmas in California and South Carolina early in my childhood.

In our first reading in The Call To Write I saw that the theme trying to be projected was that reading and writing are very important parts of everyday life. As a business major, an idea that stood out to me was when the book discussed the importance of writing in a business setting. The book showed that no matter what you plan to do in your future that writing will almost definitely be involved. I felt the writing was at its best when it spoke about the difference in writing style when speaking to different audiences. I found it interesting that the writing pointed out how differently you would write something such as a grocery list if you were the one that would be using it as opposed to if someone else would be reading it.
This is a picture of me in 9th grade from my Facebook

Exploration Two: Travis Baum

My name is Travis Baum, one interesting fact about me is that I am allergic to eggs, dairy, and peanuts. I was born allergic so I don’t really know what I am missing out on and am used to it. I graduated from Olentangy Liberty High School and played 4 years of soccer there, winning 4 regional championships, one state championship and my senior year we were state runners up. Winning states was probably one of the best experiences I have ever had. Most of my family lives n Philadelphia so I am a huge Eagles,76ers, Flyers, and Phillies fan as well as a die heart Buckeye. I currently live at main campus on Northwood with 5 of my best buddies. It is a extremely new experience for me but I am excited for what this year has to offer.

(sorry couldn't get a picture)

The first chapter of The Call to Write explained how often we use writing and reading. We use these every day from sending out an email, writing a school paper, making any type of list, to even reading a casual sign you see everyday. People don't realize how important being able to read and write is and I believe that this chapter of the call to write is showing people just how important they are. What really hit me is that no matter what you are doing in your future reading and writing will be an everyday occurrence.