Monday, August 29, 2016

Exploration #2- Hunter Bayer

Hi, my name is Hunter Bayer. This is second class I have with Mike, so if you need to know what this class is like, I am willing to help out. I'm not the most exciting person, and I am a rather simple guy, but I guess one interesting thing about me is that I enjoy drawing and through my love for drawing, I have developed a strong photographic memory, allowing me to remember details or designs that I could implement on my drawings. I mostly draw with a realistic/cartoonist style.

An image of myself on my last day of high school.
The first chapter in The Call to Write was about the use of writing and how people use it personally every day. I found it interesting how they used list as an example. I never thought about how my to-do-list would be considered any real form of writing. It's quite strange to think about how much writing people do everyday, even if it's as simple as something like signing a check. That is definitely one of the themes I got from the chapter after reading it.


  1. What period of art inspires your work? Do you have a favorite artist?

  2. That's very interesting, do you have a photographic memory for anything else? one of my best friends has a photographic memory when it comes to drawing as well


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