Monday, August 29, 2016

Exploration Two: Amanda Gifford

My name is Amanda Gifford and I graduated from Harding High school. During high school, I was involved in the Art club and painted many murals within the school and one at the Health Center downtown. I also was awarded Art Student of the year, Spring of 2016. Outside of the cement walls, I have done many independent art projects. One of my favorite artists is Andy Warhol, I find his style unique and his viewpoint of life interesting. What I want to pursue is Art Therapy to help others through self exploration use creativity in their healing journeys.

What stood out to me while reading The Call to Write was the quote of Sidney Mintz regarding making lists, " must be connected to thinking of time as finite and limited, and we live in a society that gets its power partly from telling us that everything is scarce--even time."   The power of making lists highlights the important aspects of thoughts in our own type of personalized tasks.  List making is a specialized form of communication to organize thoughts in a sequential process to complete or communicate with others.  Lists can be utilized for short term tasks or long term goals.  Our thoughts can turn into lists and those lists can direct activity to accomplish unlimited achievements.


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