Friday, August 26, 2016

Exploration Two by Matthew Johnson 


My name is Matthew, I am 19 and a Sophomore.
A fact about me is that I absolutely adore music and often record on an armature level with friends and by myself. I play drums primarily as well as guitar, bass, and trumpet. The type of music I typically play and listen to is jazz, although I am open to any well-produced music.

Within "The Call to Write" I found page 4 to be interesting. In the section under "Making Lists" it has a quote by anthropologist Sidney Mintz saying: "Making lists must be connected to thinking of time as finite and limited...". And in the next paragraph The Call to Write talks about how Plato was concerned that, with the widespread use of writing, people's capacity to store things to memory would diminish. Mintz and Plato see the aspects of writing that inhibit us through our day to day lives and even effect us in the long term as a society. These paragraphs have made me think about writing in a different way than for it to just be a form of communication or as a tool;  literacy has become the root of our society and it defines us. The choice is ours to allow the literacy around to effect us poorly or to change us for the better.


  1. That last sentence is especially true in our internet-obsessed culture. How much of the random anger between two anonymous entities is over something so trivial as say the way to pronounce a name? Such is to be expected from a culture such as ours where tasks that took hours takes only minutes-and require next to no effort on the part of the human. Still despite this our opportunity to grow and evolve as a species is entirely based on whether we as individuals make an effort to use the literacy of this world to our advantage.

  2. I think it's awesome you know how to play so many instruments! What started you to get into instruments? I also liked how you used quotes from the reading to back up your thoughts, using scholars such as Plato and Mintz.


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