Thursday, August 25, 2016

Exploration Two from Phillip Wolf

Hello, my name is Phillip Wolf. I am a freshman and I am from Powell. I attended Olentangy Liberty High school. My favorite sport is soccer even though I have not played competitively since 5th grade, and I also enjoy football and hockey. A fun fact about me would be that I haven't ever spend Christmas in Ohio. My family has traveled to Florida for the holidays almost every year of my life, but I have also spent Christmas in California and South Carolina early in my childhood.

In our first reading in The Call To Write I saw that the theme trying to be projected was that reading and writing are very important parts of everyday life. As a business major, an idea that stood out to me was when the book discussed the importance of writing in a business setting. The book showed that no matter what you plan to do in your future that writing will almost definitely be involved. I felt the writing was at its best when it spoke about the difference in writing style when speaking to different audiences. I found it interesting that the writing pointed out how differently you would write something such as a grocery list if you were the one that would be using it as opposed to if someone else would be reading it.
This is a picture of me in 9th grade from my Facebook


  1. I know some people from Olentangy Liberty

  2. Thats very cool you dont spend Christmas here in Ohio, must be nice to enjoy some sunshine and heat while its cold and gross in Ohio.

  3. I try to avoid cameras whenever possible but you are on a whole different level.


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