Monday, August 29, 2016

Exploration Two: Gabby Biliran

     Hi! My name is Gabrielle Biliran, but I haven’t had anyone call me Gabrielle in the last 10 years, unless I was in serious trouble. Normally, the names that people use are "gib," "gab," or "gub." I was originally born in the Philippines and I moved when here when I was five because of OSU. I actually almost moved to Great Britain, because a hospital there had also offered my mom a job. (I personally wanted this one to happen because I could've had a cool British accent, but Ohio is pretty cool too.) I graduated from Bishop Ready High School in Columbus this past May. I love all things Buckeye, Columbus Blue Jackets, and Ed Sheeran. My favorite thing to do is travel the world. So far, I've been to 17 states and 7 countries. I also love reading, painting, and photography. My current plan is to study Psychology on a criminology track at OSUM until I can transfer to Main campus and won't have to commute an hour every day. I can't wait to see what happens in the rest of this year!

My two best friends and sister at my 18th birthday.
one studies at American U and one is at Ohio U.

    In the call to write, the theme that I found the most interesting was the idea that writing and reading are the most important things you do in life. People don't consider the fact that the little things, such as looking at street signs, or reading your computer, or even the receipt at the end of your meal. However, it's the writing that cause inspiration in people (a literacy event) that I found the most important. It can change the way that people thought's form or how they act with others.

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