Thursday, August 25, 2016

Exploration Two from Josh Salyers

  1. Hello! I am Josh and I'm a sophomore at OSUM. I attended high school at St. Charles Preparatory School in Columbus. I enjoy all sports, both playing and watching. I was an all state ultimate frisbee player in high school, as well as a soccer and basketball player all throughout my life. I am a buckeye sports lover, hardcore, and will be at every OSU home football game this year. I also love traveling, been to more than half of the united states, as well as Italy. I love language, and have studied Latin and French each for two years. I plan to major in business, though that may change into either international business or criminal justice/ criminology. I am excited for this year. 
  2. I found the reading in The Call To Write interesting, because it reminded me of the appearances and the importance of writing that people see and encounter in everday life. This could range from the grocery list you made this morning, to the report you had to finish up at work (specialization writing), and the graffiti you saw walking down the street on the side of a building. I found the FEMA emails interesting, as it shows your words are permanent when written and things aren't as private as you think. I thought the writing was at its best was when the author talked about public writing, signs, and street art/writing/graffiti. I found this the most interesting because it shows the direct use of writing to show a message, whether it be social, political, or aimed to the few individuals who see them. 

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  1. That's awesome that you went to Italy too! Did you love it? And you know a lot of cool languages.

  2. I play ultimate frisbee too! I haven't come across many people that take an interest in it as a legitimate sport.

  3. I didn't know you even could be an all state ultimate frisbee player! That's really cool that you do something so unique. I too am a huge Ohio State fan and I bought tickets to every home game as well. Both of my parents were buckeyes so I didn't exactly have a choice!

  4. Apparently it's hard to go to school without someone else being in the CCL.. It's cool that you studied Latin, cause there's few people who do. Oh, and roll cards.

  5. I am as well a huge Ohio State fan, I played high school soccer for Olentangy liberty and played against St Charles a couple of times. I wonder if we ever played against eachother


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