Thursday, August 25, 2016

Exploration two from Kirsten

I'm Kirsten Osborn, I am eighteen years old (my birthday was on Monday, the 22nd) and I am from Kenton, which is around 35 minutes away from Marion. I graduated from Kenton high school and I graduated with high distinction. I plan to eventually major in fashion and design even though I am currently  majoring in business. I returned from a trip to Italy last Wednesday, I was in Italy for two weeks. I visited Venice, Rome, Capri and Ravello. And I love cats, I have four of them.

The Call to Write has been a decent book so far, I have enjoyed the style of writing in which the book is written, and the topics it is one of the most ordinary things, but it frees us from memorizing and remembering all of our important tasks that we wrote down. The book even talked about a Greek philosopher who feared people's memories would diminish with the widespread use of writing. I found this to be an interesting thought, one I had not had before. But it is a somewhat accurate concern. More and more things are now written down, as less is remembered. The same process is happening with electronics. More and more things are posted and saved, as less is committed to memory. This book has been interesting so far, and I am curious to see what the rest will be like.
ks about. the part of this chapter that stood out to me the most was the part that talked about making lists. I make lists all the time, mostly so that I don't forget to do important tasks. I make lists for when I pack for trips, when I have many tasks that need accomplished, and for many other miscellaneous reasons.  Just as the book says, making lists

Me, my mom, my aunt, and my uncle at a restaurant in Rome, Italy.


  1. Happy early birthday, dear! I'm a lover of travel as well and it made my heart happy to see you have been able to visit such beauties of this earth already. Italy is on my bucket list for sure! Did you travel independently or were you with friends/family? Happy writing!

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