Saturday, August 27, 2016

Exploration Two from Dathan

     There is a section of farm land that people sometimes drive through with golden fields and one to two houses as far as the eye can see. The name of this strange land is Edison. As you can guess, that is where I from. You will hopefully be able to see from the above that my name is Dathan Lyon, but i also respond to Jason, Ethan, Justin, Nathan, and a few other choice words that should not be spoken of here. I am short, a fairly quiet, twenty-one year old person who has almost no idea what to write about, but that has never stopped me before. I would say that currently Gattaca, Sevendust, and Bioshock are my favorite movie, band and video game in that order. My goal is to become either an English teacher or a journalist.

     As far as a central theme for the first seventeen pages of our book you could make an argument for almost anything inside the reading, or maybe even outside if you really want to reach. One thing that I thought of that normally doesn't come to mind is the fact that we surrounded by messages. While I don't often think about that fact, I can't think of too many realistic setting or situations where there would be no messages. All writing is someones opinion I have heard. People who are trying to persuade you about something. You could say that all of this clashing of ideas is a bad thing, and in some cases it is, but at least we are thinking.

Groomsman at a friend's wedding on 8/20/16.


  1. Dathan,
    what other video games do you enjoy besides bioshock? I am also curious as to why you respond to so many different names.

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  3. The name thing is just because almost everyone hears something different when they hear Dathan so they pick what sound closest to what they know. I just go along with it. Half-life, Borderlands and Mass Effect were the other big game series for me. I guess it is official, I am a nerd. The bow-tie in the wedding picture doesn't help anything.


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