Monday, August 29, 2016

Exploration 2 by Joe Campanella

     My name is Joe Campanella. I am a first year student here at the Ohio State University at Marion. I am from the Cleveland-Akron area about two hours north of Marion. My preferred major of study is Finance, and I plan to transfer to the Columbus campus next fall. One of my favorite hobbies is to play basketball and hang out with friends. An interesting fact about me is that I love Chipotle and usually go a few times a week.

     Chapter one of, The Call To Write, talks about literacy events and their impact in the world with how they make sense out of writing. What stood out for me in the chapter, was the benefit and logic of making lists for personal use. One of the primary tasks and functions of making lists, is to manage time correctly, and successfully plan for the day. Another benefit of making lists, is to free you from having to commit information to memory. Some examples of lists can be remembering homework, getting chores done, planning events, and grocery shopping. Making lists is a key literary event at a personal level to manage time effectively and to store information.

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  1. I like your focus on the list making in the chapter. That was something that popped up and caught my attention too.


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