Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Review of MMM's "How to be Happy, Rich, and Save the world" by Gabby Biliran

In “How to be Happy, Rich, and Save the World,” Mr. Money Mustache starts off by mentioning how he thought that after 5.5 years of retiring, the blog would get boring for him and his posts would slow down. His desire for learning and keeping his project going overwhelms what could be boring, and is essentially what keeps him going. 

In this post, Mr. Mustache talks about how the project entailed involves convening people of the world’s rich countries to separate the idea of lifetime happiness and “buying expensive shit with which to pamper yourself.” According to him, combining the two is a human psychology problem as much as a financial, technical, or political one. Part of the project, according to him, includes reaching new groups of people. 90% of his traffic comes from the US, which is 5% of the countries population. To reach the other portion of the world’s population, he gave a presentation at the World Domination Summit. 

The best part of the blog post lies within the fact that instead of just mentioning or summarizing the presentation he gave, he went as far as to include the video of him speaking, as well as the power point presentation and the notes he used. With this, he makes it easier for other people to advocate in his project with their network. Because of this, he makes it an easy and enjoyable read, and does not give an overwhelming amount of information.

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  1. It's cool how Mr. MM always finds a way to make sure that we as the readers of his blog to connect and relate to him. He is a normal person like us.


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