Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Mr Money Mustache exercise: Travis Baum High Efficiency real estate investing

This money mustache article is an educational article to inform the public on the topic of how real estate investing has opened up into huge new opportunities. Mr Money Mustache does an excellent job of explaining how to master the real estate industry and lead yourself into an early retirement. His main rule he goes by is to "learn enough to invest my own money first" i strongly agree with this, people need to be smart with their money before going and blowing it all on something as risky as real estate. do your research and make sure it will be a profitable investment.

    Mr Money Mustache does a great job of finding creditable people who can back up the techniques he teaches us and gives us personal examples on how those techniques helped them acquire a great investment in a up and coming house. Another thing I like that he does in this article is he gives us step-by-step routine of how to inform and educate yourself on smart investing plans. Mr Money Mustache realizes that the majority of people using his website isn't too informed with how to handle money well so he explains: how real estate investing works, how and why he chose peerstreet. This is all a great technique for him to use to make this website helpful to everyone due to its simplicity, most of the general audience will easily understand what to do and how to invest.
   This article did not impact me much because I am not looking to go into real estate, however since I am not sure if I want to switch my major or not I am keeping my options open so educating myself on this topic from this article will be only beneficial. I believe it is beneficial to everyone no matter what your job or financial status is.

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  1. I feel the writer does a good job with informing his audience on topics some people not might know a lot about.


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