Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Exploration 5 from Dathan

     In the documentary Fresh many points are made as to why organic agriculture is better than the more processed, artificial methods that are mostly used on monoculture farms. On a polycuture farm, where multiple types of plants are growing together, plants and animals can grow healthier and stronger.  Joel Salatin said," Chemical agriculture is like a drug trip; it takes more and more every year to get the same kick." In farms that only have one type of cattle, it is more susceptible to predictors and diseases. Often the living condition for the animals are so terrible that they are packed into a building and defecate where they stand. A way to counter the low quality of health of the animals, those who work on the farm would give the animals antibiotics to keep them alive. While some of the chemicals are gone, but we consume those chemicals after they are slaughtered and processed. The animals dropping, which contain the chemicals that they were treated with are damaging to the environment. Plants grown from this fertilizer would absorb those chemicals, so even indirectly we can get antibiotic resistance from the cattle, poultry or other animals found on farms.


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  1. Its a cycle that's not beneficial to anyone except the suppliers who are profiting from it.


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