Monday, November 14, 2016

Review Writing Exercise: Mr. Money By Pauleina May

"The Man Who Gets His Cars for Free"

"You can be the Master, and thoughtfully use cars as a tool as needed to reach your goals. Or you can be a Slave to the auto – worshiping it, allowing it to steal your money, your physical fitness, and your sense of control over your life."  This was said by Mr. Money, he believes that a car is something that is a luxury to have. He feels that way about his because today in the automotive world people take advantage and spend most of there income on a new car. Mr. Money talks about how much he saves through the year with his car. For Mr. Money Mustache he spends a "hundred or two bucks of fuel, $400 of insurance and registration, and under $1000 of combined depreciation and maintenance per year." The way Mr. Money uses his money on his car through out the years he would save 104K every 10 years. 

Mr. Money thought he was using the automotive sales right but this was changed when he met Ben. Ben is not the person who limits his losses, he makes money off of buying cars. He has owned and sold over 50+ cars and has made a profit off of each one. Ben works on cars and fixes them up, and this helps him with his process. He talks about how he does it with great detail, but he gives 5 main topics on how to do it. 1. Buy low, 2. Look for neglected cars, 3. research as much as you can, 4. Do as much work as you can yourself, 5. Sell quickly and set a modest price. Ben makes a point that anyone can do this, your outcome could be high or it could be low, just trying it might surprise you in the long run. 

This article was an eye opener for me. I've only had one car and I have drove it for about 5 years now. I've had to fix a lot of  breaks since my car is very old but just reading this and knowing how much you can save with buying used cars is crazy! I think Mr. Money and Ben created a writing that is very informational and it is easy to understand the issues with owning and buying a car. They give a lot of detail on how driving is a right and to own a car is a privilege because some people can not afford a car. I enjoy this reading and if anyone struggles with deciding on what kind of car or how to do buy a car, read this article. 


  1. Just reading your summary was an "eye opener" for me too! I also agree that Mr. Money makes his writing very informational, but also very easy to comprehend!

  2. I like how you said that driving a car is a privilege not a right, thats a very good point. And I have a used car as well, that I have to get fixed a lot, so I can relate.

  3. I agree that owning a car is a privilege, not everyone can afford this luxury.

  4. This article would be a great eye opener for people in the town i'm from. It is almost expected that every kid get a car when they turn 16, when for most people buying a car is a struggle.


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