Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Exploration 5 Fresh by JD Davis

               Fresh was an interesting eye opener on how we produce our food.  Farms around the country are trying to produce food at the most efficient rate and in return are ruining our food.  Some farmers have taken a stand against this form of producing food and have gone organic.  One of this films purpose is to persuade people to eat organically farmed food.  It is also to show farmers that you can produce organic food efficiently and it can still be good for you.  “cheap food is an illusion; you always end up paying for it whether it be your health or the land you farm”. 
               Big corporation have come through and made family farms giant plantations.  They are over populating the farms with animals which can cause diseases.  A lot of the times they don’t catch the disease until the food is already on our shelves.  People think farming organically is too expensive.  The truth is if you use your resources efficiently you can save money through vet bills and recalls.  By law, U.S. organic farmers are required to raise animals without the use of antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones. Plus, organic farmers must provide animals with 100% organic feed and safe, clean, cage-free living conditions.

Image result for organic farms vs factory farms
Factory farms vs. Organic Farms..... you choose.


  1. I think that after watching this documentary, I'm gonna try to include more organic food into my diet.

  2. I think that the picture you used was great because it really shows that organic is better and looks more healthy. i enjoyed your quote because its so true. if it is cheap in the stores, the land is probably paying for it.

  3. If people realized that, like everything else in their life, buying is an investment, I don't think that they would have a problem with the initial cost. Your quote illustrates this concept.


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