Tuesday, November 15, 2016

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Mr. Money Mustache's Own Story

This blog post is about Mr. Money Mustache's story of where he began in his life and summarized how he got to the point where it is today. He begins with his early childhood and how his family never bought a lot growing up. He talks about his first job as a paper boy and how he realized that the money hes making with job wont get him any where. He mentions how people who worked at Wal-Mart makes more than he did at the time. He then discusses his plan of staying home with his parents while attending at local college to save up as much as he can. He then discusses his life after college and how he spent his money and why he was able to retire at such an early part of his life.

This blog post is strong relating to most people who would read these blogs. Mr. MM's story is very believable and creates a strong connection between the blogger and reader. The chronological factor in the post helps give it flow and creates a story that makes his story seem real. Near the end it does raise the question as to how did he fully make it possible to retire early. Over all, the story has good pacing and makes it relate-able.

I can honestly say that Mr. MM's story is nearly identical to how my life experience has gone. He had a low paying job that didn't allow him to go too far in his life, he stayed home with his parents and went to a local college to earn an easy degree that would allow him to get a well paying. His plan is just like mine and I can completely relate to him. The only difference is that he has got past his college portion of his plan. His story makes me feel more comfortable with the way I'm saving money and approaching college.


  1. I think it is really awesome that you can relate to his story and get inspiration from it. I agree with the fact that he does a good job connecting to the reader in his posts.

  2. What else was there about Wal-Mart in the post? We can make another point to say the effects of big business on small towns is an issue. In Marion, for example, a pharmacy and a restaurant have replaced an old nursing home, and a pharmacy, restaurant, and retail stores have been built on farmland. Any of these corporate businesses can pay more than smaller, locally owned businesses.


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