Tuesday, November 15, 2016

mr. money mustache review - Lauren Cobb

The article "If I Ran the School, Things Would Be Different" describes Mr. Money Mustache's opposition of the ways that traditional schools inhibit a child's ability to learn and how that opposition   resulted in the decision to homeschool his own child, who was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. The article makes a good case for the virtues of homeschooling by first calling out the public school system for repressing a child's natural desire to learn by enforcing strict rules and structure that are ultimately unproductive. He uses his first hand experiences and observations as well as research to convincingly demonstrate the areas in which public schools are lacking. He then follows this up using the same method to describe the positive benefits of homeschooling his son and refuting common concerns parents have when considering taking their kids out of public school. While the argument is largely effective, his extreme viewpoints, in my opinion, could be off-putting to more traditional readers. I believe the article could be more effective had he proposed more realistic and conservative changes be made to the school system. The end result of this article is an effective and honest review of public schooling that brings to light many of it's flaws  that should be seriously considered, as well as making an argument for untraditional schooling. While I am not fully convinced home schooling is the best option for most students, I fully agree with his analysis of the public schools as someone who has experienced their flaws first-hand.


  1. This subject has always been an interest to me because I have been home-schooled my entire life. I think that, rather than off-put the traditional system, people should realize that there are benefits to either system and they both Can have flaws related to them.

  2. I agree that public schooling has many serious issues and that homeschooling should be looked at as an alternative, but there are many issues to homeschooling as well. I guess it just depends on the parent's preferences. I think Mr. Money Mustache's ability to give advice on such a variety of different issues is pretty amazing but I imagine some of his posts could be considered biased.

  3. Children learn with various methods. Some are best with parents and tutors while some thrive in social environments that are public schools, which is where I come from. Personally, it isn't such a bad place as I had full privilege to express myself in academics and arts. I could give an insight on homeschooling if I had that schooling or knew someone that is home schooled.


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