Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Regan Ross Mr. Money Mustache Review

"If You're Not Getting Rich in your 20's, You're Doing it Wrong"

     This article is referring to another article written by a writer for Elite Daily. The article he is referring to is called "If You Have Savings in your 20's, You're Doing it Wrong." This popular Daily Mail article explains that having fun and marketing yourself through being social in your 20's is more important than saving your money for the future. Mr. Money Mustache agrees with some of the ideas in the article but primarily disagrees.
     Mustache's ideas on the article are very clear in his writing. He agrees that marketing is important, but he does think that somewhat saving your money is a good idea. He claims that your 20's are the time for you to build your career so you can secure a better future for yourself in the long run. He explains that if you work hard, you will make more money, making you able to save more money. He claims that if you don't spend your money like an idiot, you will do fine. Mustache advises people in their 20's to work hard and use the majority of your time to work and make yourself better professionally, he says this will leave you satisfied and make you more money later in life because you will most likely move up in the workforce.
     "But all these younger people seem to just want to sit around and network and have cocktails. All the hard workers already run their own company. When you find that rare eligible workhorse, you grab her and shower her with money and opportunity, hoping she will accept. You need to be that lone workhorse, getting stuff done while everyone else is out late and living off of credit cards and parental subsidies. This is where money comes from."
     The article is very strong and gives many valid points. His ideas on how someone should behave in their 20's are actually very smart and realistic. His advice is not out of reach for anyone in the workforce during their 20's. The advice is real and success driven.
     I found this article very helpful and motivating. He explains that hard work after college does pay off. It pays off during your 20's and well after. I really enjoyed the article because it gave me a realistic perspective on how your 20's should be to ensure a better future. The advice does not at all leave out having fun, it just explains that work should be at the forefront for your life at that point in time, having fun can come after.

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