Thursday, September 15, 2016

Video Project by Paige Riebel & Matt Johnson

Truck advertisement for ethos

 *nerd talking* “Awe, man, my pokemon cards got rained on. Now I’m an even bigger loser than I was before!”

“Are you tired of being a nerd and not fitting in? You don’t have to feel this way anymore! With the “Nerd Decimator 5000” you can now be the cool dog in town. The “Nerd Decimator 5000” withstands all four elements of the avatar environments; fire, wind, earth and water. Show THAT off to some cool bros. The “Nerd Decimator 5000” has a bed that can withstand fire, hold water, and go unscathed by even the hardest dirt. The “Nerd Decimator 5000” is even aerodynamics to help you get to cool places fast. Get yours today and start decimating those nerd vibes. 

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