Thursday, September 8, 2016

Exploration Three from Austin Craig

Dave Marsh characterizes his father in "Fortunate Son" as a hard-working and relaxed man. He provided for his family and didn't complain. Marsh uses "taciturn" to describe his father and includes his former life on a farm. He wants us (the readers) to know what kind of person his father was, and he does that by describing his personality and work habits. Marsh's writing is at its best when he tells us about his unnerve at the thought of moving. "I was shocked. There was no room in my plans for this... rupture. Was the demolition... truly inevitable?" He grew up in this home in Pontiac. It's where he forged memories and friendships; the last thing he wants to do is move.

Panic! At The Disco may seem to be an unlikely candidate in which one makes a connection, but it is one of my favorite groups. Their most recent album hits a few spots with me despite the album having more of a party vibe. It reminds me of the house I once lived in for a long while and how I didn't think I'd get through certain times with my family. Now I know I'm improving my, so my "mood" is much better than in past years.

Success is at the end of the road


  1. Whats the name of the song that makes you feel this way? I'm thinking many people could relate to how you feel about hard times involving family. I would like to give it a listen.

  2. It is good that you could make a connection with the music to help through a difficult time with your family.


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