Thursday, September 8, 2016

Exploration 3 - Lauren Cobb

The author uses characterization in an unusual way. Many authors prefer to reveal the personality of motivations of their characters through dialogue. However, Dave Marsh uses very little dialogue to describe. his characters. Instead, he describes their actions to give us insight into their motivations and personalities. The business man, for example, appears unsympathetic when telling the author's father their neighborhood is being destroyed. This is indicated by his bluntness and lack of verbal apologies. The author's father appears to be very stoic. He is a man of few words and accepts their fate with out protest.

A song that touched me is "Over You" by Miranda Lambert. The reason this song spoke to me is because it is a song of loss. It is not explicitly stated who was lost in the song, but it is implied that it was someone very close to the speaker who may have been family. The song is full of emotion and it really touched me the first time I heard it. I later learned that Miranda sang the song for her husband, Blake Shelton. The song is about his younger brother's death and it was too emotional for him to perform so Lambert sang it for him.


  1. that is one of the most touching songs i have ever heard in my life. it also displays that even singer/songwriters are real people too

  2. That is awesome that she did that for him. They are married but still...

  3. This was a beautiful gift she gave to her husband Blake and a selfless act on her part.


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