Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Exploration #3- Hunter Bayer

In Dave Marsh's essay "Fortunate Son", Marsh uses characterization to give the people in his story to make them life like and show a perspective that is from Marsh himself. He uses his characters and locations to help build and continue the story so he himself isn't carrying the story with just his actions. Some of the best writing comes from the chapters or section's beginning part. In the 30th paragraph, Marsh sets up the scene using his parents and their radio. It starts "That last year in Pontiac we listen to the radio a lot. My parents always had. One of my most shattering early memories is of the radio blasting when they got up".

Image result for queen band
The logo for the Legendary band, Queen

One song that has changed how I see things is Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. It's an amazing classic and it's the first song that really made me appreciate music. It's also the first time I listen to the lyrics  to a song. This song is also the song that me and my friends all sing along while driving. The last time I listened to this song was on the way back from the movies Saturday night. It was great way to end a night out.

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