Thursday, September 8, 2016

Exploartion Three from Dathan

Part One:
'The foundry spat angry cinders into the sky...' gave a sense that it was a living and breathing thing. That kind of characterization breathes more life into the essay and makes it much more engaging. While the last sentence of paragraph two seems somewhat exaggerated it also has some sense of believably. The dust was falling like snow so fast that it whatever picture you would try to draw in it would be swallow by a new layer of dust. The section of the essay that go most of my attention was when he was dreaming about what it would be like to have a parking lot for a back yard. While it may not seem that exciting, that was the scene that I could best construct in my head. That ridiculous scene where he imagined his family to have the only house in that particular section of land.

Part Two:
Track five,Deteriorate, on Demon Hunter’s third full length album has been one song that seems to always make me reflect on the mistakes that I have made, however large or small they might be. It is strange that I mentioned that it is track five on their third album, Triptych, considering that I have never owned a copy. Deteriorate is one of their slower songs, and as such it can seem quite sad. One of the themes of the songs is about how unimportant some of the things that we hold so dear actually are. Those things will bring us down a certain path if we hold on too tight, and it is more than likely a bad path. It is not all sad though, it also speaks about bettering yourself in your seemingly hopeless state.
The logo of the band is a goat/demon skull with a bullet hole in it. For each of
their albums they have a different cover. This is one of the three from the 
album stated above. One of the first band I ever heard.


  1. I definitely agree that the author's description of the factory really brings the scene to life. His use of personification is very impressive.

  2. The use of personification to bring his environment to life was well done


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