Thursday, September 8, 2016

Exploration 3 from JD Davis

March is a very talented writer who uses characterization to improve his essay.  His characterization of the people in this essay help us to better understand the story.  For example, the way he characterizes the stranger from Pontiac motors helps us understand the way these big auto companies treated the people of the community.  He also characterizes the place or setting of this essay very well. He is very descriptive of his community and it helps us understand the conflict of the essay better.  I was most engaged with the writing in the beginning when he was describing what it was like to live where he lives. the way he described the people really set the tone for the whole essay and kept me engaged because I could visualize it. For example, "our baseball and football ground lay right underneath the shadow of another General Motors building".  This shows you that where the author grew up was a motor city and you couldn't get away from the automobile industry anywhere in town.  

Music can change my mood in an instant depending on the song.  The music that always changes my mood is any music from The Ohio State marching band.  Every time I hear the buckeye fight song it brings me back to happy memories of tail gating with my family at games.  It is almost nostalgic to me because it comes with so many happy memories. I hear those lyrics "drive drive on down that field" and I'm instantly in the shoe in my head.  I'm taken back to tail gates with my grandpa who loves this university and games with my dad.  Carmen Ohio plays and I'm thinking about singing along with the team as I sway back in fourth.  Whether its a Tuesday in summer or a fall Saturday when I hear that buckeye battle cry I'm happy. 
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Ohio Stadium The Shoe


  1. Going to OSU games is one of my favorite things to do and the marching band gets better year after year!

  2. I love the buckeye fight song as well! The marching band adds so much more excitement to the games.


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