Thursday, September 8, 2016

Exploration Three Matthew Johnson

  Fortunate Son

Marsh uses characterization of people to show what environment he lived in and how, towards the end, his family effected how he perceived music. He does this by showing how his dad responds to the move, what his temperament was like. 
His writing was most engaging at the beginning when he outlines his life and atmosphere while growing up. "And nobody who earned his living locally in some less directly auto-related fashion was only fooling himself if he thought of independence." (Section 5). It shows a somber reality in an an elegant way of writing. The verbiage is pleasing even if the context is not. 

Image result for noordpool orchestra
Radiohead has a song called "Weird fishes". Within this song is an emphasis on a collection of seemingly unrelated words that replay. Weird Fishes is uttered over and over again. The melody in the song suggest somber chaos. As if the unknown world is somehow familiar to the singer. Noordpool, a jazz orchestra band, does a cover of this song. There is no words, instead, the instruments seem to suggest the words. Knowing what words accompany what instrument, the seemingly chaotic piece becomes familiar to me, as I understand what the notes convey. This piece always captivates me. As the randomness collects, the unknown world becomes familiar to me too.      


  1. I think it's really cool that you can identify meaning in a song that has no lyrics. That is, after all, what makes music an art. It has an ability to convey emotion nonverbally like a painting or ballet.

  2. I am very interested in this type of music, where the artist has an implied meaning but leads the listener to perceive it, without using lyrics to outwardly state the meaning.


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