Thursday, September 8, 2016

Exploration Three by Paige Riebel

Dave Marsh uses characterization throughout all of his work, "Fortunate Son", not just describe his characters and places, but to actually give his readers colorful visualizations and deep feelings regarding the characters and the places his story goes to. Marsh uses a large amount of unique and envisioning adjectives to describe to his readers what he believes is most important to remember in his writing. When Marsh described the boy's father he did not talk on his appearance, but he did talk about his occupation, which gave us as the readers some leeway and imaginative juice to visualize his father however we would like to believe him to look depending on his professional stance. The author does this time and time again when he describes his characters. When he describes the man that came to his door one afternoon, he doesn't describe the man's bodily structures, but instead he simply says, "He wore a coat and tie and a white shirt, which meant something serious in our part of town." By this simple description we can conclude a lot of valuable information about the man and who he was, yet what we conclude is all relative and depends on what we as individuals think when we see people in a fancy coat and tie. I think that's why I enjoyed March's writing. I enjoyed it because his vague but strong use of wording and adjectives left space for me as reader to assume and created the characters in my head and decide how I would like to perceive them from the little information he gave. My perception on the father or the man who came to the door could be completely different than another reader's take on the men, and that's what I find so neat about Marsh's work.

Honestly, I am a music lover, and I have a wide variety of music I enjoy and listen to on a daily basis. When I was in middle school I really started exploring the music world and when I did, I went through every music phase under the sun. I've been a Bieber/One Direction fangirl, a hardcore Drake lover, a melancholy Keaton Henson listener, an obscure S. Carey fanatic, and I think I even went through a Dubstep and Yellow Claw phase. Overall though, I would have to say that Sleeping At Last's Atlas album has had the biggest impact on me. I literally know every word and when I do listen to it, it makes me over the moon nostalgic and peaceful. Ryan O'Neal is the lead singer and multi-instrumentalist and I swear his voice is supernatural. It's so unique and surreal sounding and the way he incorporates the instrumental aspect of his music to his lyrics is beautiful to me. I found Sleeping At Last when I first started my music journey and then stopped listening to it for a good number of years after that. I eventually picked it back up around my junior year of high school when I was going through an uber rough patch. The music comforted me, taking me back to simpler and more pure times of my life and it made me feel like I was running away from my current mess of a life even though my life was still there and as messy as before I put my earbuds in. I still listen to this specific album on occasion or when I need a little pick-me-up, and I have no doubt that this album will continue to be a lifelong favorite of mine. 

                                        Image result for sleeping at last
                                      my all time favorite lyric excerpt from the album


  1. I agree with your thoughts on Marsh's characterization and creating visuals for the reader. And I love the lyric that you posted! :)

  2. I agree with your thoughts on Marsh's characterization and creating visuals for the reader. And I love the lyric that you posted! :)

  3. Songs that have the capacity to legitimately offer us an oasis of peace in the hectic everyday of our lives are rare to come by, typically we find about one or two over the span of our lives that have the magic to teleport us to these impossibly perfect oasis's. Furthermore how many songs do we learn all of the lyrics to? Songs that can achieve both truly are the most valuable.


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