Thursday, September 15, 2016

Video Project- Pathos By Hunter & Dathan

Hello, I'm Hunter Bayer. Today I'm here to inform you of an epidemic sweeping the nation. People from all over the world are dealing with something no one should deal with; stains. Stains have spread over the clothing of women and children all over the ;lace from substances such as chocolate, win and mud. Evenings out are ruined from last second spills on your mother's dress. This can all end and you can help. For just 19.99 a gallon, you can purchase "Wash Away" a new liquid detergent that remove even the toughest and oldest stains, and if you call 1-800-WASH right now, you can receive a free:Wash Away: stick for those sudden stains on that go. Make a difference. Use "Wash Away."

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