Thursday, September 8, 2016

Exploration Three by Grant Davison

     Marsh uses characterization of people and places as a way to describe the scenery and changes to the story. This is a great way to move along the story. From sentence to sentence you can see him picking apart his own text and expanding ideas. throughout the essay he starts to show growth in the text. I think Marsh's writing is at its best when he talks about the town they lived in on page 141. He includes a lot of details about the town and the people. "The town had a hard time keeping the shaggy secret of its bigotry even in 1964. Pontiac had mushroomed as a result of massive migration during and after World War II" (Marsh 141). This had some great word use and also used some exposition. The way he describes it is very interesting.
      A song that changed my perspective was House of Gold by Twenty One Pilots. I felt it had a lot of meaning on caring about people and where you live. I have always liked twenty one pilots and most of their songs have great meanings. i believe this song does a great job talking about values and the way they think about life. It makes me think about my family for when I get older.

Music video of House of Gold

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  1. I like that song a lot too. I really like the message of what its about and how you have to care about the people you live around and with. 21 pilots are a great group.


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