Thursday, September 8, 2016

Exploration 3 by Josh Salyers

Dave Marsh uses characterization of people and place to show the grit and industrial atmosphere that his hometown in Michigan. He also uses characterization to show the traits of his father, relatives, and those around him. I believe that he uses this characterization very well, as i found it to be the best part of his writing. The way he describes the dusty film that envelops his whole city of Pontiac, and the industrial environment brought about by General Motors, really grabbed my attention. He says, "I recall nothing of his features or of the precise words he used or even of the tone of his speech. But the dust motes that hung in the air that day are still in my memory..." He opened his narrative in this certain piece of reading with a description of the persistence of the dust, and now he hints again that the dustiness of the town still resounds within him.

I remember the first time I heard Michael Jackson, or at least the first time I remembered it. He sang about love and peace and hope. "Man in the Mirror" spoke to me in this sense, and the song taught me that I can impact the world around me by having a positive attitude and loving and treating everyone with respect. I really enjoyed the overall message of what MJ was saying, and truly he inspired me and millions of others.

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Possibly the greatest artist of all time, MJ inspired those around the world to love and to seek positive change in the world


  1. It's cool that you remember hearing Michael Jackson for the first time. At least, remembering what your first impression is.

  2. great choice of song. Jackson has an amazing amount of songs that will be remembered

  3. I can't even remember the first time i heard MJ so its cool that you do

  4. Michael Jackson is truly a legend and the King of Pop. Man In The Mirror is a great track!


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