Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Exploration 3 from Desiree

In Marsh's "Fortunate Son", the writer does not use a lot of dialogue to characterize the people in the story. The character's thoughts was pretty much the only characterization in this story. His thoughts tell us basically the whole story. He describes everything from the town in which they live, to his perspective of music. I feel that Marsh uses this kind of characterization to emphasize people who really made an impact on the main character's life. For example, the character's father was mentioned throughout the text. In the character's thoughts, he said "My father worked without illusions, as a railroad brakeman on freight trains that shunted boxcars through the innards of the plans, hauled grain from up north, transported the finished Pontiacs on the first leg of the route to almost anywhere Bonnevilles, Catalinas, and GTO's were sold."(136) This tells us that the character's father was very hard working and sacrificing. I believe that Marsh's writing was at its best when he was giving vivid descriptions of Pontiac, Michigan. When he was describing the small town of "a hundred or so" people, the steel warehouses, rust-red dust collecting on their windowsills, I could picture it perfectly in my head.
One song that changes my perspective or mood is "Closer" by the Chainsmokers. Whenever that song plays my mood instantly changes. It reminds me of when I'm with my friends having fun because whenever the song comes on, we're always having a good time.
Chainsmokers at Tomorrowland

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  1. i enjoy The Chainsmokers too. They have a lot of great songs but this one seems to get people having fun.


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