Thursday, September 15, 2016

Ulterizer Pick Up Truck: Naomi Hillman and Matthew George

Narrator: "Hey you!"

"Yes, You!"

"Are you a serial killer?"

"Good, then I've got something for you: Does your Pruis not have enough room in the trunk for all those dead bodies you keep..."Coincidentally" running into?"

" Good, then introducing the Ulterizer (echo Ulterizer) pick up truck. Utilizing a V-googolplex engine, the Ulterizer (echo Ulterizer) pick up truck has the horse power of 500 undead horses, and reaches speeds fast enough to tear a hole in space and time! And of course, 14,000 cup holders, for all that overpriced coffee!"

"And you too can get your very own Ulterizer (annoyed, echo Ulterizer) for the low low low low low low low low-(Gasp for air)-low price of your first born child!"

Female Voice: "Wow, that's amazing!"

Narrator: "Get back in the trunk you!"

(Insert Female Screams)

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