Thursday, September 8, 2016

Exploration 3 from Phillip Wolf

Part One:
March uses very thorough characterization throughout the essay. I believe that he does this to show how familiar he was with his surroundings in Pontiac, and how the lifestyle in the town was constant for most people that he lived around. It helped the reader understand how he truly felt when he was forced out of his childhood home that he had become so accustomed to. It also brought to light the type of people that others in the town were, and did well to give us a glimpse into his parents personalities. I thought that his writing was at its best and most engaging when he spoke about his feelings after they had been told that they had to move. He says "My dreams always pictured us as holdouts, living in a little house surrounded by asphalt and automobiles." I liked this quote because it truly told the reader how reluctant he was to leave the place he was raised.

Part Two:
 One artist whose music has had an impact on me is Chance the Rapper. I became a big fan of his because he writes music the way he wants to, not how people imagine a rapper should write music. He writes many slow songs, songs about religion, songs about his experiences with drugs and violence in Chicago, and songs about love. He doesn't write music for the public's enjoyment but for himself and his family. This resonates with me because I like to believe that everyone should do what makes them happy, not what they think will make others happy.

This is a photo of Chance, his brother, and his grandmother. One of my favorite songs by Chance features a verse about his grandmother and her effect on him and who he has become.


  1. Chance the Rapper is golden. He was in Columbus a couple weekends ago. Hope you were able to make his performance!

  2. I also love Chance. I agree that family plays an important role in his life and he meaning behind his lyrics.

  3. i had VIP backstage passes for him and i had to sell them :(..... chance is also a huge influence on me. he is also one of the first hip-hop/rap artists to include a gospel sort of vibe to his mixtape.

  4. I really enjoy chances music as well. I totally agree that he is different the normal rappers of today's society and that's what I admire about him.

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  6. I enjoy chance the rapper a lot too! Is there a favorite song you have by him? I think it's weird that his albums go from talking about acid to religion and a school suspension.


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