Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Exploration 3 By Regan Ross

I enjoyed the essay by Dave Marsh very much. I thought his use of words and lack of dialogue really lets the reader into his young mind. I think Marsh uses the characterization of people and places because it is an essay about his childhood. His town was very important to him, so explaining many details of the town helps develop his relationship with it and why it was so hard to move to a different setting. The characterization that was explained to us about certain people was very important because he uses almost no dialogue. This also makes the story more personal to him in a way because we only read about his internal thinking not anybody else's words. I think that the writing was at its best and most engaging when he was explaining the town where he grew up in  the beginning. For some reason this explanation of the town interested me and it drew a very clear picture of what it must have been like to live there. "Our baseball and football field ground lay in the shadow of another General Motors building... What I can recall of it now is a seemingly reckless height- five or six stories is a lot in the flatlands around the Great Lakes." This quote shows how everything in the town basically revolved around the large company which was there. In earlier paragraphs Marsh explained how most of the people in the town worked for General Motors. The quote demonstrates one way General Motors impacted his life as a child.
One song that always changes my mood is "She talks to Angels" by the Black Crowes. I had listened to this song growing up and really liked it. Then one day I saw a guy on the street playing it and it gave the song a whole new meaning. His voice was amazing and you could see his passion for music in the song. It is an old song that I would not normally listen to and thats probably why it stands out to me so much. It is just a really great song and always lifts my mood.
I chose this photo because the guy on the street was playing guitar


  1. I liked how I was able to perfectly picture this scene in my head

  2. That is a beautiful song! and I can totally relate to hearing someone else play it and it having a new meaning.


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