Monday, October 17, 2016

Vietnam Research Exercise by Paige Riebel

Abbie Hoffman & Anti-War Protests in the U.S.

Abbie Hoffman, born in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1936, was born and raised into a stable family surrounded by both of his parents and two younger siblings. Having been born in the hippie era, Hoffman himself has stated that the 40's was "a great time to grow up in." He took upon his father's humanistic view concerning life and also became an avid student believer in Marxism. He went to Brandeis University where he got his bachelor's in psychology and later went on to the University of California where he got his master's in the subject. 
Hoffman's early protests were associated with SNCC, but he later went on to start his own activist group named the Youth International Party or better known as the "Yippies". Hoffman is best known for his acts in New York where he led his group of people to the New York Stock Exchange. There he and other Yippies threw fake dollar bills intertwined with real ones to the traders who in return ran to the money, trying to grab as much as they possibly could. Hoffman's point to this act was a metaphor to what the stocks were already doing to its people. Through all of Hoffman's protests, he was simply trying to get young people to become more involved in politics. Many believe that Hoffman's actions were beneficial to his passion and that many were persuaded by his creative and controversial doings.

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