Thursday, October 27, 2016

Exploration 5 from Corey Peck

The film Fresh is an important message to everyone! Today many farms are considered industrialized. The primary goal for these farms are to produce everything efficiently. George Naylor said, "Americans fear only one thing. Inconvenience." Because of this fear, people go to drastic measures such as feeding dead cow to live cow for the simple fact that its cheap. The majority of people don't care what they eat as long as its fast and convenient. Joel Salatin said, "Respect the design of nature." This means that the animals are always moving and they only eat grass, never meat or grain. The film said organic food costs more but its worth more. The nutritional value of food has dropped by forty percent since the 1950's. The term monoculture was brought up in the film and according to The Union of Concerned Scientists this means, "the practice of growing single crops intensively on a very large scale." This never occurs naturally in nature and because of monoculture, mass amounts of pesticides need to be sprayed on the crops just to keep them alive. Although convenience and price are critical factors in determining where we get are food from, the cost will come eventually from the environment or with health. Change needs to return back to organic.
Image result for hormone cow vs non
An observation I made during the film was the size and general healthy look of organic vs. industrialized cattle. This is to put things into perspective. 

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