Sunday, October 30, 2016

Exploration 5- Fresh Response by Kirsten

I found Fresh to be a very eye-opening video. I have been around farming for most of my life since a lot of my family has been involved in farming, but I never really knew what went into the process and what came out of it. Fresh makes some very important points about industrialized farming and the problems that come with it. One thing I found very disturbing in the film is when Joel Salatin talks about how dead cows are used in cow feed. He says "you can't feed dead cows to cows," and this statement definitely captured my attention. I researched cow feed, and WasteAdvantage says that 30% of an animals live weight ends up being non-consumable by humans, which means that it must be used in other things such as cattle feed. The ground-up bone meal from chickens, pigs and cows can cause many health problems for the animals consuming them, and for cows this includes mad cow disease. This problem and many others were addressed in the video, and some of the solutions the video mentioned were aquaponic farming and organic farming. Both could help decrease the problems of industrialized farming dramatically, and I hope that we will be able to do more organic and natural farming instead of continuing the dangerous industrial farming we have created.


This is a picture of some of the inedible parts of animals that will be used in cattle feed.


  1. It is very eye-opening to actually see the things that are put into the feed rather than just hearing it. If people were shown things like the picture you used I believe it would lead to many more people trying to eat organically and reduce the use of factory farms.

  2. It's crazy to think that we have to consider how our animals are being fed. It's not something that most people consider, but seeing it in an actual picture shows how important it is that the animals are being fed right and raised right. If we wouldn't practice cannibalism, why would we raise our animals to do the same?

  3. My first reaction to the image you provided was one of disgust. I can't believe they recycle these un usable meats back into the feed, which ultimately we consume when those cows are slaughtered. It is shocking.


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