Sunday, October 30, 2016

Exploration 5: Lauren Cobb

"Fresh" makes a compelling argument for the replacement of factory farming with natural, organic farming. It is said in the film, "The only thing Americans fear is inconvenience" and our farming and eating habits are reflective of this idea. Factory farming is defined as "a system of rearing livestock using intensive methods, by which poultry, pigs or cattle are confined indoors under strict controlled conditions." This method of farming is used because it is considered to be the most efficient and profitable method of farming. Similar methods are used in crop farming, in which only the most profitable crops are grown in large quantities. These methods, however, have proven to be incredibly harmful. Factory farming results in miserable, sickly animals, disease, parasites, environmental harm and an overall decline in the nutritional value of our food. On the other hand, natural farming has had the exact opposite effect. By mimicking nature, farmers are able to be self reliant, producing their own fertilizer, sanitizing their own fields and feeding their animals all by natural, beneficial means. This method has proven to eliminate the need for antibiotics, as the animals are much healthier and disease free. The products from natural farms are much higher in nutritional value and lack potentially harmful chemicals and preservatives. To make a change, a lot of people need to come together. Currently 30% of agricultural subsidies go to the top 2% of farms and 60% of an average american's daily caloric intake comes from highly processed foods. This a major, widespread problem, but working towards making a change could have immense benefits in areas such as healthcare, the environment, animal welfare and the economy.

url.jpgChickens in battery cages

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  1. its very unfortunate how we have decided that convenience is more important than health to us. if Americans would change their values we would become much healthier


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