Monday, October 31, 2016

Exploration 5: Fresh by Joe Campanella

     A common question people have today involves the mystery of what is put in our food. A lot of controversy surrounds this topic, dealing with the problems of industrial farming, and it's effect on the community. In the Sofia Jones documentary "Fresh", the problems of industrial farming and it's effects, are put on the national stage for the American public to see. The documentary interviews farmers, economists, and environmental specialists to break down the key problems and issues that have a direct correlation with the food we eat.
     The main point of the Sophia Jones documentary is the issue of industrial agriculture and farming. Major corporations are producing massive amounts of food to feed our communities by "factory farms". According to the American Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals, a "factory farm" is a large industrial farm with massive amounts of animals, used to produce food in the common marketplace. The ASPCA states, " 99% of our farm animals in the U.S. are raised in factory farms". These farm animals are kept in poor conditions, with bad diets, and daily doses of antibiotics and hormones, to increase size at a faster rate. This unhealthy food and meat, is then served to the public at the cost of our environment, and the community.
     The documentary raises important issues on what these animals and livestock are being fed, and the chemicals, antibiotics, and pesticides they are exposed to. John Ikerd, an agricultural economist, describes the desire for production and efficiency by these major industrial corporations, producing the majority of our food. He states, "When you grow massive amounts of food, you need massive amounts of resources to keep them safe, which is a very big issue in nationwide industrial farming". The major industrial corporations producing our nation's food, are more concerned for their profits and increased production, rather than the costs to our environment. The Sophia Jones documentary "Fresh" and the ASPCA, give valuable insight into the problems of industrial agriculture, and it's cost to our communities. This information is provided to the public, in order to spark change in how our nation produces it's food, and to promote the safety of our environment.
A Factory Farm in the United States

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  1. I think it's very scary how many animals are produced in the industry vs in organic farms. I hope that these numbers will start to change so that there are more organically raised animals.

  2. I truly think that more people don't know what is in our on our food that do, and that is a issue. if 99% of our animals are raised in a factory then on average everyone is eating processed meats every single day. what can that do to our health levels as the years go on?

  3. I think it's scary that 99% of animals that are raised in the US are from factory farms. It's crazy how much we rely on the industry and also how naive we are to the roots and basics of simple farming.


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