Monday, October 31, 2016

Exploration 5: Fresh

Will Allen : "There is this misconception that you cannot feed the world organically, but you CAN."
Big farm industries have taught our society to believe that to feed the world strictly on organics is impossible. What they aren't telling us is that feeding the world organically IS possible; it just doesn't bring in as much money and takes more time and patience to accomplish. Our society wants fast results and results that are going to bring in a lot of money for its suppliers, and because of this mentality, we are not conscious of what we are putting into our produce. We are an "ask and you shall receive immediately" society, and that is why so many fall into the vicious cycle of big industry foods. We as a whole do not have the patience and upkeep for organics and because of this, we are marring our well-beings.
There is a huge misconception that "organic is too expensive", but in actuality, going organic will save money. It eliminates medical fees, pesticide fees, and antibiotic fees. Organic farming respects the design of nature, and that means that animals are being raised on what they were originally intended to digest and produce is being grown naturally - allowing it to flourish in nutrition and natural size. It has been proven that all non-organic produce and animals are diminished nutritional by 40%.
By going organic we can help  humanity become healthier. Organic foods are foods in their rawest and most whole form and because of that, our bodies are able to digest and reap all the benefits of what these true food have to offer. Our bodies have not been made to metabolize and digest man-made products and humanity as a whole is suffering in health and compromising our bodies fullest potential.
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Issue of Substantiation
This photo is the official organic emblem used on foods that are certified as 100% organic.


  1. I think you used a got statistics in that non-organic produce and animals are diminished nutritional by 40%. That should show many people that organic is better for you even if it is more expensive.

  2. I like how you emphasize on how possible it is to feed our country organically. The more organic farms we have, the better off we are as a country. I also like the point you made about organic foods costing less in the long run


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